Granadilla Fridge Tart Recipe

Granadilla Fridge Tart Recipe


  • x1 packet Marie Biscuits / Tennis biscuits / Digestive biscuits
  • x1 Moirs Lemon Jelly
  • x2 Tins Goldcrest Granadilla Pulp
  • 125g Butter, melted
  • x1 tin Condensed Milk


Crush the biscuits and mix with the butter. Press this into an 8” pie plate. Mix one packet lemon jelly with 3/4 cup boiling water. Stir well. Add 2 tins granadilla pulp, stir in well, add 1 tin condensed milk and mix well. Pour onto the biscuit biscuit base and chill until set. Serve with fresh cream or a drizzle of granadilla pulp

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