Nice 'n Spicy

Nice n Spicy Mild Cape Curry is a Cape Malay curry which is mild and fruity. A fruity, mild curry cooked in a sweet and...
Nice 'n Spicy Bobotie is a traditional South African curry mince dish of Cape Malay Origin. Usually served with yellow (tumeric in the water) Tastic...
Nice 'n Spicy Masala Curry is a moderately hot South African meat/chicken curry. Serve with rice.
Nice 'n Spicy Balti Butter Chicken has all the spices in one sachet required for this dish. A step-by-step recipe is on the back of...
Nice 'n Spicy Biriyani - Classic rice/lentil/meat curry of Moghul origin. Serve with a side of sambals.
Nice 'n Spicy Tandoori Chicken Marinated roast/grilled chicken from northern India. Aromatic dish.
Nice 'n Spicy Chicken Tikka Chicken kebabs marinated in a curry sauce. Perfect for the braai.
Nice and Spicy Pickled Curried Fish has all the spices you need to make the South African pickled fish dish.
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